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  • New Cross Dental Practice has been a dental practice from this location for over 75 years. 

  • We have ensured social distancing is practical and comfortable for patients taking advantage of the size of our large premises. All the rooms have had fresh air ventilation and extraction systems to provide replenished air constantly which reduces the risk of airborne pollutants and contamination. All common areas as well as the usual disinfection of the surgeries before and after each patient is carried out and logged.

  • We are fortunate enough to be able offer both NHS and Private options so you will have a choice as to what treatment options you can opt for depending on eligibility.

  • We offer online booking for appointments with online payment facility for your convenience. We understand that it can be difficult to call during working hours or that the phones can be busy so why not book appointments when it suits you from your own phone or computer.

  • There can be a lot of paperwork to fill in at the dentist which is legally required at each visit. Using our online portal these can all be filled in advance of your appointment from your own phone or computer and will be already completed for your visits after so it will only take a matter of seconds to complete thereafter.

  • Self checking-in on arrival - if you have already filled in your paperwork your online portal will generate a QR code for you to check in. If you don't have this then you can simply check in using your name and date of birth.

  • Collaboration - as a team we constantly discuss individual cases and may even invite other dentists on site at the time of your consultation to assist in the diagnosis or even aid in treatment  to ensure you care is being delivered to the best of our collective ability.

  • We have a vast network of specialists who we refer to or visit the site to ensure you are able to see people of the appropriate expertise for specific treatments. We aim to complete  treatments in-house by sometimes arranging for consultants or specialist to attend site to ensure continuity of care wherever possible. Where a specific treatment is not provided by our team, we have a vast network of practitioners who we work with routinely, who we will refer you to across the whole of London and the surrounding areas.

  • Lower waiting times - having increased the number of surgeries and dentists working we are able to see people sooner for routine examinations or emergencies and more importantly get treatment completed sooner which is especially important if you are experiencing discomfort.

  • Excellent team ethic - the staff and dentists mainly reside locally and we routinely go out together as a team and get on very well with each other which reflects in the way we care for our patients. Some members of the team have been at the practice for over 10 years with the longest serving member having been with the practice for over 30 years. 

  • Commitment to advanced further training - most of the dentists working currently have attained further post-graduate qualifications beyond their basic degrees and training to ensure that the standards they meet are of the highest order. These are not mandatory but serve to show the emphasis the practice places on quality. 

  • Environmentally Conscious - we have actively worked to reduce paper and plastic waste by switching to online forms and recycling packaging wherever possible. We have also reduced energy consumption by converting all light fittings to LED. 

  • Water Purification - All the water used in the clinical settings is softened and purified to within 10ppm (tap water usually around 420ppm) to ensure its as clean and fresh as possible for patients.

49 Lewisham Way, London, SE14 6QD

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