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Dental Hygiene

At New Cross Dental Practice, we hold a firm belief that the foundation of a healthy and radiant smile lies in the practice of exceptional dental hygiene.

Our dedicated team takes immense pride in extending a warm welcome to you.

We understand that each smile is unique, and that's why we are committed to providing not just routine dental services, but a holistic approach that considers your individual needs and aspirations for optimal oral health. 

Why choose dental hygiene?

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Preventive care for optimal health

Dental hygiene is a proactive approach to oral health, focusing on preventive care. 

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Cost-effective, long-term solution

By maintaining good oral health practices, individuals can potentially avoid the need for expensive dental procedures in the future.


Confidence in a radiant smile

By preventing issues like tooth decay and bad breath, individuals can confidently showcase a radiant smile.

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What is dental hygiene?

Dental hygiene is made of a set of practices focused on maintaining optimal oral health. It involves regular brushing, flossing, and preventive measures to address issues like cavities and gum diseases.

Routine check-ups with our dental professionals are essential for early detection and personalised preventive strategies.


Dental hygiene emphasises patient education for sustained oral health, aiming to minimise the need for extensive interventions and promote a lifetime of confident smiles.

The many benefits of regular dental hygiene

Enhanced confidence

-enjoy increased confidence through improved oral health
-showcase your natural smile with assurance
-experience a reduction in bad breath

Preventive and cost-effective
-maintain your natural smile by prioritising preventive care
-avoid the need for long-term and costly treatments
-enjoy financial benefits with reduced future dental expenses

Financial advantages
-take advantage of our extremely competitive pricing
-access quality dental care without compromising your budget
-less likely to need an expensive treatment in the future

Outstanding results
-benefit from high treatment success rates
-witness excellent results, often achievable in a single appointment
-trust our dedicated team for effective and efficient dental care

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