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Preventative Dentistry


To ensure good dental health and care we place strong emphasis on routine dental examinations and preventative dentistry.  This doesn’t only include advice on oral hygiene techniques, diet and fluoride but also treatments such as topical fluoride applications, fissure sealants and prescription of specialised toothpastes and mouthwashes, if deemed appropriate.


During a dental exam we not only check all the teeth but we also assess the health of the gums, tongue, cheek, and palate as part of the screening for oral cancer and other conditions.


Gum disease is a very common occurrence in both adults and children and can lead to loss of teeth as you get older if not addressed. Not only do we ensure that you are correctly maintaining your mouth at home but sometimes it is advised to give the gums a deep clean every so often to reduce any inflammation or bleeding. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of bad breath and so ensuring your gums health can also help treat this.


Remember prevention is the best form of cure and every big problem starts as a small problem, so make sure you visit the dentist regularly in order to ensure your oral health is maintained.


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